We do not talk about the spaces or the shapes; we rather focus on what is possible to do with them. We work on constant breakaways. We know that satisfying means adapting to a client, to a necessity, to a demand. It is from the edgy shapes and innovative structures that we are able to differentiate our self’s.


Since 2015 our multidisciplinary team works blending different perspectives towards one same vision of the final product. The investigation, innovation, sustainability and application of new technologies define big part of our intensions. We believe In team work and in the power of networking. We Observe, we adapt from idealism to define and redefine In order to stand out with our vision.


Was born to shape ideas, to investigate …from product to creative to exterior, interior, business, ideas for life and ideas that could uplift or create brands. GG lab is a way of being and of working. Born in 2008, GG lab is curiosity and passion, is questioning your self every time about everything. Innovation is what we stand for. The perfect concept that completes our studio and who we are, at GG Lab we go beyond just creating trough investigating, creating knowledge, innovation.


We are aware of the impact of architecture in our environment .We introduce design which is efficient, from an energetic and sustainable point of view. It is not an obligation; it is a commitment from where we start and to which we commune. In our name and DNA we have the social, environmental and economic sustainability. We want to prove that in architecture, beauty, comfort, sustainability can go hand in hand.

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