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Branding, 2011, stand, ceramics, algorithmic and parametric design, research.

The current society demands a greater articulation between public and private space, interior and exterior, which is capable of generating new synergies, vitalizing the urban space and communicating institutions with citizens.

Fluidity takes advantage of the characteristics of ceramics to respond to these needs. It generates an urban element of double skin, an outer skin of ceramic flakes that purify the air due to its properties. This is curved to generate banks with the inner skin of extruded ceramic tubes, and the pavement folds and creates waves interacting with the skins. As a result, walls, ceilings and floors are obtained by interacting.

The public space of the future is not a universal and uniform space, but it will generate continuity and contiguity through the variation of elements and coordination of constructive systems, articulating and promoting the simultaneity of uses.