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Installation, 2010, Topological Variation, total customization, porosity control, production by JMM

It is an installation created by GGlab and Brian Dale as an independent group working remotely between London and Valencia.

The return of the craftsman.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Bauhaus revolutionized the form of handicraft and fine arts production. His main contribution was to design based on technological advances and the use of new materials, with the main objective of mass production. Fine arts, crafts and science working in synergy for the production of objects in mass, of useful objects, easy to produce and above all cheap. In the process, the division between the industrial designer and the artisan was created.

The technological advances of the last two decades in mass production have opened a new opportunity for designers and architects to return to their origins, creating unique objects, custom-made and economically. Smooth rugosity is an exercise for the industrial production of a single object, which can be mass produced and always be different, in short, it is an effort for the return of the craftsman.

As if it were an animal in movement that has left its skin as memory, the installation appropriates and transforms the space, adjusting to the different conditions of its environment and generating views in constant movement. Its skin is covered by scales (components) as if it were a reptile, these components generate a new order superimposed on their skin, creating different spatial effects that vary gradually throughout the space.