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Retail, 2016, Diseño paramétrico, Branding

Collaboration between ggarchitects and Mondolirondo for Edmmond first boutique.

The challenge was to communicate the essence and values of the brand spatially.

The store is located at Claudio Coello street, in Madrid, in the center of Barrio Salamanca, in a little and long store.

The strategy was to introduce dynamism in the narrow store, generating fluid circulations, to create a soft and friendly shopping experience; to achieve it the wood is a key element, appearing in all the constructions elements, floor, furniture and ceiling.

In floors and furniture are from sycamore, the perfect wood to surround the clothes and the clients due to its quality and characteristics.

For the celling, a wooden piece has been developed. The geometry  is an abstraction of the fusion of a wave and a surf table. The piece dynamizes and materializes the essence of Edmmond. This piece was designed in a parametric way and fabricated by the artist and craftman Manolo Garcia