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Escenario Gastronómico

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Restaurant, 2012, concept, traveling restaurant, ephemeral work, mobility

July 30, 2011 the Bulli closes temporarily, the most important and influential restaurant in the world will be transformed into a foundation. Has the model been Exhausted? Change of cycle? The end of an era? The gastronomic scenario is our answer, a hybrid restaurant. A mix of restaurant, cooking workshop and itinerant conference center, which will not only bring haute cuisine to more people in more cities, but will serve as a center for dissemination and teaching through workshops and conferences.

Starting from a traditional theater, we use the stands as a dining room and place the kitchen on the stage, making it visible and accessible. In addition, this typology allows to re-use the space for conferences and workshops, transforming the traditional restaurant into a multipurpose space.

Its soft shapes make it easy for the piece to interact with different and different environments, while generating a cozy and dynamic space. Fluid forms for a new concept of gastronomic experience. The gastronomic scenario is not a restaurant, it is a cultural container to communicate, transmit and socialize haute cuisine.