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Hammam is a project in collaboration with the design studio Janfri & Ranchal (Valencia), and the desire of COMPAC The Surfaces Company (Spain) to present at KBIS 2018 (Orlando, Florida), a new stand concept to showcase their latest collections of quartz: Unique Collection and ICE of Genesis by Arik Levy.

The objective; create a space that transmits, an experience through unique and customized spaces.
The challenge; transmit emotions through the senses, unlike the more traditional stands, we wanted to go further.
The concept; create a space for relaxation and rest, and decided to develop it in a radical way, only using the collection Compac Unique Collection, through the purity, beauty and excellence of the collection Unique Collection would create a totally new hammam.
Without losing sight of the mission of the project; express the excellence of the product, we wanted a dense space, where visitors could experience the mass, but through dynamic and bold geometries, generating tension between weight and speed.

For this we investigate the history of the Hammam, focusing mainly on Spain, specifically in Ronda, Granada and Valencia. We decided to focus on two recurring elements: perforations in the shape of stars and a central pool. Hammam has been designed and produced with digital technology. We develop algorithmic and parametric design tools to generate lattices and faceted volumes, which have been produced by numerical control.
In the Hamman, the main fact is the culture of the bathroom, that is why we decided to intensify and radicalize the attention on a sculptural piece based on it.

The Unique series allows you to create volumes that transmit a lot of mass, quality and great complexity.
This central sculpture, has faces of different sizes and also on each side the 3 together with the adjacent faces are also different.


This customization and customization is the future of construction, only the most advanced companies such as COMPAC are beyond the second industrial revolution, overcoming Fordism, being able to offer solutions and products tailored to the highest industrial quality.
The depth and fluidity of the Unique Calacatta ™ veins seem like the perfect surface to wrap up in the water.

In Unique Marquina ™ we have found the contrast, mark and afill the geometries of the piece.
In short, the Unique Collection collection is passionate for us, the values ??it conveys, the quality and excellence with which it has been developed. COMPAC is an inspiration to generate unique projects.