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Villa Larus

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Residential,2016,single family Home

We apply the methodology of double iteration, in order to be able to develop a  house that is sustainable ,efficient, innovative and unique.

1 interation: we work with typologies ,shapes and elementary transformations of architecture

2 interation: we apply tools and processes of advances architecture to optimize and connect the surroundings.

In this particular case ,the land plot is located on a hill of Javea (Alicante) with views to the S. Antonio Cape.

The location and the surroundings are fundamental for our development and application of our methodology.

1 interation : combination and overlapping of  a typology T and of L , and the creation  of an English patio on the backyard.

2 interation: topologic deformation: extension and deformation of the L, to create outdoor spaces covered ,terraces and patios.

In order to get the best views from this plot, the energetic efficient orientation is slightly affected ;this is compensated by the following actions:

Passive Design: You introduce a patio on the backyard with vegetation and a slide of water which has a double function .This allows the crossed ventilation, together with  the skylight this allows the warm air to escape from the upper part, regenerating the air in a totally passive way. On the other hand, the air that is moved by the slide of water , cools  down thanks to the evaporative cooling system. The patio is designed in a way that allows the sun to warm up the interior of the house during the winter, the house is finalized with stone elements that allow to keep the warmth and release it slowly.

The Electric consumption is focused on 3 ways of use ; we maximize the use of natural light, we use luminaries of great efficiency and by using solar panels located on cubiertas ,which will satisfy the larger needs of electricity. On the other hand, there is an attempt to reduce the demand for air conditioning with aluminum frames with thermal bridge and double glass breakage, while this demand is met by an air conditioning system with a geothermal heat pump supported by 2 buried probes 115 meters, obtaining a Cop near 6. All this is complemented by a rainwater recovery system that feeds the tanks and irrigation. The result is a house of continuous, fluid and open space, turned towards the views of Cape San Antonio, with a multitude of common outdoor spaces, terraces and high energy efficiency.