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Concurso - Lux Unitas

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Kronos Homes Architectural Competition

For the development of the proposal, we have worked on two levels simultaneously, on the one hand on a human

scale, at the housing level, and on the other hand on an urban scale, at the city level.

Firstly, we have focused on the way to inhabit high-rise buildings, generating homes that maximize the merits of living in a tower, enhancing the views, terraces and natural lighting.

With this objective, we have designed a flexible fac?ade system with continuous railing and variable glass panels, which allows us to even out the views of terraces and interior spaces, blurring the interior/exterior divide.


At the urban level, the proposal generates both public and private open spaces. Houses are separated from areas for third-party use that have public gardens, through a primary level of social areas for exclusive use by owners, indoors (gym and food area) and outdoors (gardens and pool).

Access to homes is generated by a pass-through entrance, with shopping areas on both sides. The main en- trance is located on Camp del Turia Street and a garden for public use is created, as both the secondary access and the parking area are moved to Marina Alta and Alt Maestrat streets.