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Crater Puebla

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Residential, 2010, competition, housing in height between medians.

 The starting point for the conception of the proposal comes from a volumetric and spatial understanding based on the conditions of the plot. 

The use and understanding of this type of plot is conventionally treated as a backyard, which maintains the frontal circulation and provides a more predominant face towards the front of the property, leaving a residual space as it is not integrated into the distribution of the spaces. Taking these parameters into consideration starts a volumetric displacement game, which generates two courtyards (one back and one in front) and in the same way positions the body of circulations in the heart of the volume. 

Studying the strategic position of the courtyards to maximize the capture of natural light based on the orientation of the plot, we began to design the volume around these free spaces, generating environments that call for privacy and calm within such an area. active as it is that area of Puebla. 

The integration of the body of vertical circulations with the open spaces resemble the building to a Crater or Canyon, element that creates a continuous space that crosses and cuts the volume in a fluid and dynamic way defining the public and private spaces of the project.

Boosting the elegance of the volume, light balconies break towards the fronts of the plot, giving a sense of horizontality and continuity that together, emphasize the vertical proportion of the proposal.